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Enough is enough!

OK, I want to see if there is an end to all this. Throughout US history, groups of people who were discriminated against had to wait many, many years to have someone represent them in the US court system regarding these discrimination matters… yet in between the lines of time, there was civil unrest, violence, degradation etc… all affecting these people.

The courts looked on with a blind eye toward these people. Here we are, all of us fathers, in the middle of another civil battle. Yet, no one REALLY listens to us. Child support is a JOKE! Many of us have soo much deducted we cannot live normal lives anymore. Our kids are held hostage by lawyers and bitter little women who have a bone to pick because they feel we are oppressors! What will it really take to get us into whatever court in oh, say ONE year!…

To get our stories told and MAKE the court system listen?! Or will we just take an endless amount of more years trying to sway a vote from some stupid politician who will promise the moon again. I am tired of this crap. I cannot live anymore because all of my money is gone. How many of you out there are tired of being robbed blind of your children and your money? You only get one chance on this planet, so are you going to take what they give you?

Women play a dirty game with the system with welfare, alimony and child support. Will we continue to fund all this? I thank all of you who post here to help one another. Sometimes I feel this is the only place on the earth that people really care and understand.