It sounds like you are doing alright in maintaining your debts

BUT, you are doing this at the expense of food.

No Food = you die.

I am glad that you have the attitude that you don’t want to owe anyone money. Stay that course, it will lead to survival.

If you do not need your car and can get around to do your job and the other necessities, and can make due with public transportation or walking then get rid of the car.

The car is more than just a car loan, it is insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. There are a lot of expenses on something that is just rotting away.

I got rid of my car long go and I very glad for it. I save so much money because of it.

What you need to do is either get rid of the credit cards as fast as you can, or reduce GREATLY the balance on those cards. This will free up the money you are paying in stupid tax (interest).

Of course, and this is without full knowledge mind you, but I am tempted that you should look at debt settlement as a solution. The reason for this is because you can’t even pay for food.

What other basic necessities are you going without.

Your life and family are more important than any debt or bill.

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